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The Art of The Question

A powerful problem-solving, relationship building, and leadership tool.

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How to expand business ideas, strengthen relationships, and lead any conversation.

Questions are vital to our lives because communication is the foundation of relationships. We all want better relationships – with our colleagues, business partners, friends, and family members.

Ask the Right Questions

The right question can reveal what someone believes, desires, or knows, allowing us to understand each other better and find the best solution for any situation. The solutions to our problems are often hidden deep within us. You can bring them out by focusing on the right questions.

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Why You Should Ask Questions

1. Questions allow you to guide a conversation, discover hidden questions and answers, build trust and relationships, solve problems, and reach better outcomes for every conversation.

2. Questions lead to better outcomes by allowing you to examine all angles of an issue before drawing a conclusion.

3. Questions will help you learn others’ beliefs and desires, which helps you build a better relationship.

4. Great questions draw out what people know, even if they don’t realize they have that information.

5. Start a conversation by allowing time to build trust and establish a relationship with your audience.

6. The art of the question involves not just asking questions of your audience, but also listening and encouraging them to ask questions.

7. Ask questions with the motive to understand and focus on how you ask: tone, phrasing, timing, knowledge, and even personality.

8. It is important to listen well, putting aside your own agenda and becoming more interested in your audience and their needs than in yourself and your needs.

9. You can only become a question asking artists through practice, until the techniques become intuitive like muscle memory.

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